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Pebble Systems

High-quality pool finish with Pebble Systems

Choose from many attractive colors. Pebble is a colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles, which are tightly fused with white Portland cement to create a rich pool surface. Finishing your pool with pebble may be more expensive, but offers a more durable, stain-resistant, natural-looking surface than white plaster. As the sunlight plays off the water Pebble will create a spectrum of colors.

Pool Plastering with Pebble offers:

  • Stain- resistance
  • Non-slip surfacing
  • Natural elegance

Available Colors

Bottom row are upgraded colors including Tahoe Blue, Emerald Green, Misty Black, and Hawaiian Blue

Completed Pools With Pebble Systems Finish

Misty Black Pebble

Moonlight Bay

Sandy Shores

Misty Black Pebble